Why We Use Technology

On an important recent survey including 40,000 seniors, respondents ranked opportunities for social interaction and technology very highly. For this reason, The Bridges at Mission has embraced a very innovative use of technology, providing its residents with many opportunities to participate and engage in group activities.
iN2L (It’s Never Too Late) – With over 3,000 programs specifically designed for seniors, this big computer screen addresses the need for individualized, accessible engagement that boosts cognitive function and socialization, therefore, quality of life. The numerous choices enhance social connection, intellectual stimulation, physical engagement, spirituality, emotional support, and a lot more. In addition, each resident can have his or her individual page on the system, with their favorite personal options.
Skype – The iN2L screen can also be used to communicate with families through Skype, and families can even send videos for residents to view. This technology includes with a tablet, so that residents can talk or view in the privacy of their rooms.
Internet – There is free internet access throughout the house, and our new smart TV’s have Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, etc. available to our residents.


Our Eversound headphones are wireless and adjusted individually, while connected to everybody else’s sound. The results have been amazing. The ability to participate in group activities (music, bingo, iN2L, movies) or simply listening to other people increases socialization which is so necessary for a high quality of life.
We are very pleased with the results.



A simple press of a button in this big computer screen can launch hundreds of applications, specially designed for seniors, and it can be used pleasurably, engagingly, and with minimal frustration.


  • 70-inch picture-based touch screen, plus Ipad for individual use.
  • Personalized page that displays the resident’s favorite options:
    music, photos, family videos, games, etc.
  • Cognitive activities: brain exercises, travel videos, TV games, board games, word games, news
    and topics.
  • Spiritual: videos, devotional, hymns, etc. across diverse faith groups.
  • Physical: flight simulator, activities for occupational therapy, physical therapy, etc.