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The Bridges at Mission
2021 readers choice medal NORIBBONVoted Best Assisted Living Home in McAllen
(956) 519-9800
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1201 St. Claire Blvd.
Mission, TX 78572
1201 St. Claire Blvd.
Mission, TX 78572
2021 readers choice medal NORIBBONVoted Best Assisted Living Home in McAllen


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Silvia C

“My husband is doing much better in their care than he was at home, and he actually likes it there.”

Ron Kilby

“Being out of town, it was always nice to know that mom was well cared for.”

Blanca Davis

“My mother is in the best and safest place possible.”


Mr. Beaman,
I cannot thank you enough for all the love & care The Bridges gave to Mimi during her 4 years. The peace of mind I always had because I knew Mimi was in the best care facility around was & always will be remembered.

Thank you so much,
Denise Moody

Jane Allison

I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy living at The Bridges at Mission for six wonderful months. What I like the most about this Home is the care and attention we receive from the staff. They are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure we’re comfortable and safe. I love the fact that there are so many activities to keep ourselves busy, but we get to choose if we want to take part in them, or sit back and relax. My favorite activity is Art. The teachers encourage us to paint and draw, even if we think we can’t do it right, they guide us. If you need Assisted Living, and are looking for a great place, look no further and come live with us at The Bridges!

Patsy West

I’m delighted to be able to live at The Bridges at Mission. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to enjoy this lovely place for two and a half years. What I enjoy most is singing, and I’m delighted we get to do so in the activities the staff prepares for us. Everyone in this place is beautiful, and loving people that take great care of me. I’m very grateful with God for having put this place in my path so I can live peacefully.

Danny Garza

The Bridges At Mission is a great place where I can leave my father during the day while my mom and I do our daily activities. I am extremely comfortable leaving him here because I know they have a wonderful and caring staff. My father loves it here, he tells me he enjoys the company of the other residents and the care of the staff a lot. His favorite activities are bingo and eating the delicious food they serve here.


I really enjoy living at The Bridges thanks to the wonderful staff and their great care. Both the staff and residents are very respectful and easy to get along. I love relaxing, interacting and participating in the daily activities they provide for us. One of my favorite activities is the circle of joy. The Bridges at Mission is a beautiful place, and the food is great!