Monthly Alzheimer’s News Blast

Thank you for taking the time to read our Monthly Alzheimer’s News Blast. The Bridges at Mission is not only an Assisted Living Home but we strive to be a source of education for our community. We are always looking for more ways to inform you about the latest Alzheimer’s News, Interesting Facts and Material that may be helpful! Please feel free to suggest any information that you find.

We hope you enjoy the news we are sharing with you this month!
The Alzheimer’s Association is not only dedicated to raising funds but they have also found research with crucial information connecting Alzheimer’s disease with people with down syndrome.  It seems that those with down syndrome that reach the age of 40 have a 100 percent chance that they will develop Alzheimer’s disease.  This provides researchers with the opportunity to analyze and find possible solutions to prevent the development of Alzheimer’s not only affecting those who suffer from down syndrome but the general population as well.  To read more about it visit the link provided below.
The Alzheimer’s Association has provided two easy ways you can donate.
Visit the two links below to learn what it’s all about!