We Offer a Choice of Plans

Memory Care Service Fees – Prices quoted are for private rooms with 1/2 bath.

Montreal Dementia Scale rating of 7
Montreal Dementia Scale rating of 4,5,6
$3,500 per month
$3,000 per month

The Montreal Dementia Scale provides caregivers an overview of the stages of cognitive function for those suffering from dementia. It is broken into 7 stages with stage 1-3 being defined as pre-dementia stages. Beginning in stage 5, an individual can no longer survive without assistance or is at risk of flight. Stage 7 is very severe cognitive decline whereby vocabulary is limited, there is a loss of ability to walk, and requires help with eating.

Traditional Care Service Fee

The Traditional Care Wings are reserved for residents who have a MDS rating rating below 5 and do not need a secure area.
All prices quoted are for private rooms.

  • Pink Wing – $2,900 per month for a private room with ½ bath
  • Expansion Wing – $3,000 per month for a private room with a Full bath

Additional Charges
One time Admission Fee – $500.00